Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sick boy

Just a quick post tonight as tomorrow it is heads down, hard slog on the books.

Hammerhead has a bad cough+cold and we kept him home from kindy today. In an ironic twist he begged us to let him go and even tried to pretend he did not have a cough. I wished I had videoed this moment as I am sure there will come a time (at least by Year 2) where he will NOT want to go to school and he will be bunging on the cough like he's a packet-a-day smoker of Winnie reds.

Hammerhead? Hammerhead? Anyone? Bueller?

As a result of Hammerhead's day off, Barnstormer bunged on a cough of her own to avoid her 'school'. So then HM decided he better stay home to look after the kids while I get some work done. Suddenly we were ALL en route to the Wild Fig. Love that place--me partaking in a hot chocolate of course, and the kids eating muffins on the high lounges. HM and I got to sit in front of the fire too. I feel like we own that couch and give people the hairy eyeball should they dare be sitting on it when we arrive. I then sit right next to them and encourage the children to be at their loudest and most obnoxious in the hope that the trespassers will leave. Just kidding. I usually sit at least two tables away before I start this.
Walked around Star Swamp after that as it looked most inviting and it was particularly sunny at the time. It became particularly horrid when we were about half way around and began to pour dramatically. We all got caught in the rain and hovered around the side of a large tree trunk waiting for it to pass. Of all the jackets he owns, Hammerhead had on the only one without a hood. Bad mother--taking sick child out and getting him drenched in the cold. And I still have not purchased that family size umbrella. I wonder if Alannah Hill does family size?

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