Sunday, June 10, 2012

Our Anniversary

Today is our anniversary. Or one of our anniversaries. Today we are celebrating 6 years of not being married. But this is the second time around for us so it's technically 9.75 years. We used to celebrate the anniversary of the day we first met--even though we did not get together until quite some number of years after that--so then we celebrated the day we first got together, the day we got back together, and then it all got too complicated with the various dates. Today, June 10, is the one we officially call "Our Anniversary".

Every year in the days leading up to June 10 we talk about what fabulous things we should do on our anniversary--and sometimes we even do them. My plans are usually about reliving the past. Going on a barhop to places that aren't there anymore. Going on a weekender to the country (sans kidlets). Handsome Man (who I shall now refer to as HM) sees that these ideas are not feasible and we usually settle for dinner at a restaurant that is within a two-minute walk from our house. Thankfully we have a few to choose from.

Today, I woke up with a touch of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) on top of the usual. I do not enjoy winter. It makes me even more depressed than normal. I think the only times that I 'enjoy' winter are when I am down south with a glass of red wine and a log fire. I dream of a lifestyle where I can live six months here, six months there and just experience spring all the time.

I can't escape the weather. Our house is full of sliding glass doors and large windows with no curtains. The weather is everywhere we look. It may as well be raining and windy inside the house. I cannot begin to imagine how people cope with snow and blizzards and REAL cold.

Whinging about the weather, however, now stops here with this post. We will ride it out. We will remember we do not live in Norway. We will make a Nigella-style rich, moist, juicy, firm, luscious chocolate anniversary cake. We will ignore the endless whirr of the clothes dryer in the laundry. We will possibly send HM down to the shop for anniversary supplies--he doesn't mind the rain, besides it's an opportunity for the requisite surf check. It's a win-win situation.

We we will enjoy the moment. 
We will have a toast to our anniversary.


Unknown said...

Happy Anniversary! I was nodding reading much of this as a fellow SAD sufferer. When you work out how to get a six-months here, six months there lifestyle, please let me in on the secret!

Triple Jane said...

Thanks Jodie, I will keep you posted. I think it might involve winning lotto.

Anonymous said...

Janey i soo know what you mean is the middle of the summer and it is still raining all the time - went camping and the kids loved the puddles but mummy did not. My trick is to put loads of water proofs on and make sure i am not cold - and keep moving all the time and see it as a good way to get exercise while running the kids ragged like little doggies - prob with perth is that when it rains it bloody rains - do you know perth gets as much rain as london? oh for those margaret river weekend in the winter! nik

Insane Jane said...

Oh Nik, wish you were here love, see you when it's sunny. X

Anonymous said...

You know I so know about bad cold wet miserable weather coming from England!!!!! I detest the cold unless it's a ski slope ( and as I can't ski that's pretty much out, maybe a snow sleigh)!!!

As you're stuck in with the kids it concentrates all their energy and madness in one small area; which drives me and my kids crazy!!!!

When you decide to have that anniversary in the sun abroad, come stay with me!!!! Though knowing you you'll want to stay the summer!!!!!! The kids would love the beaches here though no surfing for big kid!!!

Did you get my postcard from the festival yet?
The Pom

Sending you some souther France sun!!!