Thursday, June 7, 2012

Monster face

Today, despite the rain, I woke up feeling almost normal--whatever that is. I even got creative before kindy and this is what Hammerhead would have found in his lunchbox.

I wish I could have seen his face. He just adores gherkin. Give him a bowl of gherkins and a bowl of marshmallows, he will eat all of the gherkins. He would pass the marshmallow test for sure. He simply does not like them. He does not like them, Sam I am. He does not like green eggs and ham.

Feeling like mother-of-the-year, I skipped out of the house pleased that I had both kids sorted and into the car on time. My euphoria was short lived. Feeling like bad mother-of-the-year, I realised I was the only kindy mum who didn't seem to have a massive umbrella that could comfortably shelter a small African nation. I didn't have an umbrella AT ALL. And worse--Hammerhead wasn't even in a raincoat. I even saw some child in a PERSONALISED raincoat.

Ok, so now I am home trying to work (but blogging instead!). I've had some positive work comments recently. I always feel better hearing those. I just sometimes wish I had a job where aside from paying me the client would send me thank you gifts. Nothing much, just a little memento like a bottle of Veuve Cliquot or something like that. My travel agent friend gets all sorts of stuff like that. Free dinner, cases of expensive wine, free weekenders. I guess I need to get a new bunch of clients with products I like.

Me: Guess what {client} sent me the other day?
Travel Agent friend: Ooh what?
Me: A free copy of their strategic plan on metropolitan groundwater systems, hot off the press.
Travel Agent friend: You are so lucky. All I ever get are bottles of Piper Hiedsieck or a weekend at The Legian.
Me: Ah, you're in the wrong industry my friend. Next week I am expecting a couple of free editions of a 350 page academic text on architectural projections. It even has a whole chapter on the discontinuity of continuity.
Travel Agent friend: It's just not fair.

I must stop talking about alcohol. I'm still "dry". It's going ok and the benefits of not drinking are more numerous than I once thought. It's dawned on me that I now have at least a spare half an hour a day as I no longer am trawling liquor stores looking for that increasingly elusive New Zealand Montana Sauv Blanc 2-for-1 deal. Or those very hard to find heavily-oaked chardonnays that HM still thinks are in fashion.

It's just occurred to me that my burst of creativity this morning is going to mean that I will have to create a different monster face sandwich every day. Got any lunchbox tips?

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Anonymous said...

Hilarious! I too have a crap job with no decent perks. Loving the blog!