Tuesday, June 5, 2012

It's only the beginning

I just started this blog in case you're wondering why there's not much here. Originally my intention was to document my madness and imperfect parenting but I am a self-confessed and autodidactic geek. All of a sudden I am registering a new domain name, adding widgets, gadgets and favicons. I want to know all the tricks and layout wizardry I can use. It has unleashed my inner nerd. I guess one good thing is that I am extremely fast at this stuff. I can whip up a post in minutes. So it's not interfering at all with my work load. Rather it's enhancing it.

I don't even care for making money out of the blog--well not at this stage. I am using it as a kind of therapy.

Maybe I am just missing my coffees.
As you can see this post was shamelessly checking my skills for linking to other posts and uploading pics.

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