Saturday, July 7, 2012

The social commentator/domestic non-goddess

You may have noticed (on my subtitle) that due to recent press I'm now moving away from the mummy blogger tag. While I have the utmost respect for those in that GENRE, I just think it's a little closed for me. Yes I am a mum and yes I am blogging but I am not providing instructions on how to get nits out of the kids' hair or what sort of cereal keeps the fuzzies away. There is nothing remotely parental about my blog and there is certainly no parenting advice. AND I'm not receiving free stuff of any kind to promote. But if you want to send me free stuff I'll quite possibly use it. I'm not making a living out of blogging and I'm not looking to. I just like to rant. It's either that or HM has to listen to it = not very happy HM.
I read somewhere, probably on that bastion of knowledge that is Mamamia, that women who blog (even those sans kids) are called mummy bloggers and men who blog are called social commentators.
Now what would Carol say?
And also, since my last post, I've been thinking A LOT about this blog and how useful it has been so far and I now think it may have served its original purpose as I feel pretty good. SO I'm thinking it's not going to be ranting on about depression and stuff any more. I'm just going to tell it like it is ...
This is a spade.

Today is sunny. There have been moments of cloudiness but on the whole it is a most pleasant day. Too good for sitting inside trying to work. The whole family is at the beach--watching The Surfer in a comp--and I really should have vacuumed the house by now and whipped up a cake for the random afternoon drop-ins.

Today I have a not-so-random calling in (she who is the maker of very delicious food). One who doesn't have children and thus, does not EVER have a messy house. Now don't get me wrong, I absolutely adore my girlfriends who have no kids--they are the ones I can usually have a great conversation with. It's simply that I always feel just that bit more compelled to clean the house when these kinds of friends visit even though I know none of them care at all about the state of the house. AND tomorrow I have even more of these kinds coming. These girls (also makers of delicious food) are even threatening to BRING THEIR OWN lunch, despite having been catered for here on several occasions. I love how they think that I cannot possibly organise a meal for them despite the fact that I will already be making a meal for at least five people anyway.  What is two more? Plus I LOVE cooking.  I find it very therapeutic. I would rather cook than clean these days. I always like to make a hot lunch on the weekends. Yes, sometimes this involves toasted ham and cheese sandwiches but more often than not it will be a frittata or a quiche or something with cream, butter and pastry. YUM.

I ALWAYS look like this in the kitchen.
I better get started. x


Anonymous said...

Think that's a good idea not to box yourself in and frankly for me I've always viewed your blog as a social commentary anyway and hate it when women's voices are marginalised with silly names that somehow makes them seem 'less than'!!!!

I too have a friend sans kids, is an amazing cook etc etc and likes to tell me how she's not changed, her figures the same etc - she's a very lovely kind person but no matter what I say I can't translate to her the transformative consequences having children has on us; physically, emotionally and psychologically!!!

When I'm feeling bitchy I really want to retort yeah but where's your growth, what you done with your life! You haven't done anything and are still living the same life you did 20 years ago whilst I was backpacking around fab Ozzy!!! But I hold my to tongue and keep silent; I made my choices and don't regret any . Who am I to impose my philosophy of life to her. Ok so my Tummy's not what it was after two babies in my late 30s early 40s and I can't ever wear a bikini again. But my kids are worth every pound and stretch mark!!!!!

Triple Jane said...

My friends without kids are actually really cool and very easy to catch up with. I think if I had friends that were constantly reminding me how cool/skinny/fab they were I would be losing their number. One of the best things re these friends (and I have quite a few sans kids) is that they also don't mind catching up with me when I'm home with the kids. They fully engage the kids and some even offer to babysit!!

Mummy in Disguise said...

I am compelled to clean the house no matter who is coming over! Even though I know that they won't care:) I think I got that from my mum...

It's great you have understanding friends san kidlets, most of mine have kids now and the few that don't are great too, but I have heard many a horror story about women losing friends once they have children. I think this happens more when the mums are still in their early to mid 20s?

I LOVE your opening remarks btw re mummy bloggers and not defining your blog in that way. While my blog name kinda sets me up in that category, there is nothing "mummy blogger" about it! Oh, well maybe you and I can start a revolution!!