Saturday, August 4, 2012

All is quiet

This is just a quick post today. Yes, I know what you're thinking --"she always says that and then it turns into some epic rant". But seriously, just wanted to say that all is good again. I am feeling really good with everything on my current plate. I can see the wood for the trees, I can stop to smell the roses and all of that.
Sometimes I stop typing to smell the roses

Everyone is OUT which means I have some time to get some serious cleaning work done. Hammerhead has been rather ill this week which has meant lots of mummy-as-slave time and also visits to doctor/chemist stuff. Think he's now on the mend. He's been extremely hot and cold, ULTRA lethargic and gosh, the house is quiet when he's down. Yesterday he wanted me to just sit with him and talk. But he wanted me to do all the talking. I couldn't for the life of me think of anything to say (!). He wanted a monologue, but not a story. He was very specific about what I couldn't talk about but lean on what I could. I am used to being given something to work with but I got nothing. JUST TALK, he said. ABOUT STUFF. The shoe was so on the other foot.

Remember I have two, so I get double this amount of questions.

I am not working all hours anymore, thank you to all messages of concern. Yesterday I even had time for a family morning trip to the new look Trigg Island Café--a place where we have spent A LOT of time over the years, solely because of its location. However, I have to say that with the new KAILIS ownership, it is the first time that I think the café has it happening. It actually looks like it is breathing in the right decade. It's all white and clean lines with touches of aqua and a few Rusty surfboards hanging from the walls. The place reeked of fresh paint (love that smell) and the staff are attired in rather interesting squeaky clean uniforms. They all have to wear the exact same not-quite-happening jeans which I thought was a tad banal, especially when I saw the big boss man wearing them with his black skivvy. Was not looking his sartorial best as one should in his position.

And of course, as with any "new" café, there were more staff than customers. They were buzzing around us like flies, sweeping crumbs up as soon as Barnstormer dropped them and I saw one staff member engaged in that dead giveaway that too many staff are rostered on--the act of cleaning the seals on the fridges with a toothbrush. How dirty can they be after three days of business??? Anyway, an all-round pleasant experience and I'm sure all creases will be ironed out soon. So nice to have a decent café at the only surf break in town, as opposed to just an OK one.

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend. xx


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear its a good day and that burning the candle at both ends has stopped; always a fruitless exercise!!! Think of the extra hours sleep/ rest/ down time as mummy recharging time!!!!

Have fun!!!
The pom

Sarah said...

Cool, new look Trigg Cafe sounds good.... May need to venture down there. Hope Hammerhead is on the mend.... Speaking of talking about nothing, my Mr 5 little man wants me to talk about nothing outside the toilet door when a number 2 is imminent.... Which makes me always think how my voice must really give him the sh---s!!! Xx

Triple Jane said...

Also I am feeling good because FINALLY we have a new kitchen tap. Also, the weather is sunny - always makes me feel bouncy. xx

Triple Jane said...

DYING on the floor laughing. That is just hilarious. I think you should write a guest post. xx

LEON said...

Trigg Cafe sounds like an excuse for breakfast or morning tea.Glad that you are Sharpening the Saw as the late lamented(dies two weeks ago) Dr Steven Covey was wont to say.

Kelley @ magneto bold too said...

Gotta love a new cafe... especially a GOOD one!

Triple Jane said...

Yes, indeedy. A good one that used to be bad. But we still went to it because that's the way things often roll in this neck of the woods.