Sunday, August 26, 2012

Nothing embarrasses me more than ...

... typos, grammatical errors and absent-minded apostrophe use in my OWN POSTS. It just goes to show how the brain can let you down. At least one has the opportunity to go back and fix these 'grammar sins' and hope that no-one saw. But sometimes it is too late. Oh calamity.

Such faux pas are deemed even worse when you try to make a living from editing and publishing. Things I often do absent-mindedly in my own writing include inserting the wrong homophone, e.g. elicit OR illicit | new OR knew. I know the right one to use; I am just in a super hurry to get the post written and clearly not paying as much attention as I should.

Just thinking I should apologise for some of the errors that have snuck in. SORRY!


LEON. said...

I know how you feel.I am a one finger typist and impatient to get it all down and sent off, often without bothering to check the grammar, spelling, etc.
When you actually read your own mistakes it is a bit like when you heard your own tape recorded voice for the first time . Absolute Disbelief. "That nasal, thin, reedy voice cannot possibly be me." Unfortunately, it is.

Unknown said...

It happens love! I hate it to admit it because grammatical errors annoy me, I'm guilty of it as well Jane! :(