Thursday, August 16, 2012

I'm back

I've sent Hammerhead back to kindy today after what seems like an eternity of him being at home with a virus. He's been relatively fine, for the last week anyway, but seems to need a nap around lunchtime that goes for about three hours. He has had an extremely high temperature and has been so SO very sleepy--did an 18-hour straight stint the other day.

While he's been "sick" this last week he's become heavily addicted to a game on my phone. Yes he's moved on from Angry Birds. This one is called Where's My Perry? and he would happily play it in a locked room with no food all day. In the meantime, I've unfortunately become heavily addicted to the background music from this game. It's like some cool 60s TV show theme song. Although it's totally stuck in my head now and I'm kind of over it. Anyway, I'm not sure what to do about the phone addiction. He had a mild meltdown when I drove off and left my phone at someone's house the other day. And even worse, the other day he told me he would rather stay home all day and play on the phone than go to kindy. And he LOVES kindy. I've created a nerd. I want my boy back NOW.

Meanwhile HM has had minor surgery. I was so wrapped up in my own work deadlines and loads of washing that I totally forgot he was having it. When he returned home, I didn't even ask how it went. Instead I asked if he had booked a doctor's appointment for Hammerhead. It wasn't until several hours later when HM had severely carked it on the couch, and was demanding the strongest painkillers EVER, that I realised something was up. WIFE OF THE YEAR AWARD GOES TO ME.

Poor HM. He puts up with so much. Apparently if it's not in an email or a text then I don't know about it. Anyway, once I remembered the surgery and the stitches I was VERY sympathetic and waited on him hand and foot. I'm still waiting on him hand and foot. I'm thinking now he's going to milk it in payback. Apparently the stitches don't come out till next Monday so it's another week of servant behaviour. All the things he normally does cannot be done. The wound is right in that crucial spot of the torso that makes any kind of twisting and lifting excruciating. He can't laugh, he can't get up and retrieve the remote, he can't surf and he can't put the dishes away. He can't even use the coffee machine which means we've had to drink my mediocre offerings. I swear the coffee machine hates me and deliberately stuffs up my attempts.

The Surfer has done exceptionally well of late. SO well that he too has come down sick with some kind of bug. Aside from winning all the local comps, he's representing the school in the State Schools comp. Which means he's better than all the Year 10s, 11s and 12s at the school. Boasting moi, much?

Barnstormer--my little tough nut tomboy girl --has become a ballerina. She's been inspired by the rhythmic gymnasts in London. She's off doing ballet now with a ballet company that has some strict rules. NO parents watching the girls through the window of the studio. NO buying the cheap versions of the uniform from Target instead of the posh and expensive ballet boutique. NO being late. NO ladders in stockings. Hair MUST be in a bun, with non-descript clips if necessary. If I buy the full uniform from the posh shop, I'm looking at $200 plus. Target is going to be a quarter of that. I'm going with Target. I mean what's the worst that can happen? Will the lovely teacher go ballistic? (sorry, that pun is bad I know.).

This sign is tutu cute for words!
I know I am supposed to write posts that illicit some sort of response. I can never think of anything to ask. I just waffle on. I will say this, I have been reading around on the blogosphere and it seems almost everyone I read is having some kind of motivation problem with blogging. Odd that everyone was saying it at the same time. Must be something in the stars.


Anonymous said...

Spend the $200 when you know she's gonna stick at it! Kids notoriously swap and change and if they take offended or don't like it think to yourself do you really want little princess being around n influenced by pretentious snobs anyway!!!!!

Bad wife! Poor Hm !!!! Though don't take it too far!!!!!! Indenture was abolished hundreds of years ago!!

So you should be proud and yes you are allowed to boast about surfers boys fantastic success!!!!

Kisses to all
The pom

Triple Jane said...

Good grief, I meant to say *elicit. MAJOR MAJOR FAUX PAS FOR AN EDITOR TYPE. I'm pleading sleep deprivation as an excuse!

Mummy in Disguise said...

hahaha, he's so milking it!! we have had several rounds of sickness at our house, my hubby is at home on the couch with a bucket at the moment, but I am tooo tired to wait on him when I get home.... which might be really really really late!

Definitely don't get the boutique ballet gear until she has been doing it a while and is gonna stick with it. my little princess has also gone from fearless tomboy to girlie ballerina this year. i often wonder where the fearlessness disappeared to?!

I knew a few other bloggers had or were taking a break, mine was due to illness at the start, but then just became a mojo/meds thing! I posted today though, finally:)

good to have you back Jane, can't wait to hear more about the surfer beating out the older dudes too!


ps i finally read 50 shades of grey............

Triple Jane said...

Oh my, and what did you think?

I just read your latest post. We are definitely leading parallel lives, Jackie. xxx

Mummy in Disguise said...

50 shades was...completely lacking in much of a storyline in between all that sex. I do wonder how much of movie will be made out of it that won't be classified as total porn!?!?

I didn't really get all the hype...i just kept thinking wow this guy is really fucked up and I wanted to know why... trust me to be more into the psychology of the "story" than the sex... hehehe, guess I gotta read the rest to find out!!