Thursday, October 11, 2012

Listless no more

I've been swapping emails with a new friend and she's inspired me to think about making a list of things I want to achieve in the year ahead. My year of being thirty thirteen. I’m hopeless with lists. I make them all the time but I very rarely complete everything on them. My outlook calendar is constantly flashing up reminders of things I should have done, months ago.

Even when I write a simple shopping list I will take it to the shop with me and occasionally glance at it, but I will still buy 20 things that are not on it, and forget to buy at least ten things that are.
So I am going to write a sensible list below that everyone can see, even those 47 readers who log on here from Belarus each day [Прывiтанне! Маё судна на паветранай падушцы поўна вуграмі]. Who knew I could speak Belarusian? 

If you're curious, I just wrote: “Greetings, my hovercraft is full of eels”.

This list is my WELLNESS list. It’s about keeping sane, happy and healthy:
  • Remember to take all tablets EACH morning, including fish oil.
  • Follow a skin care regime EVERY night.
  • Go for a walk at least three times a week, rain, hail or even cane toads falling from the sky—like in that masterpiece of film making, Magnolia.
  • Go on date with HM at least once a month. On Date Night, kid conversation is to be off limits.
  • Eat less carbs and more protein. 
  • Try to see girlfriends more often.
  • Try to get negative thoughts out of head as soon as aware of them.
  • Spend less time cleaning and more time playing with kids.
  • Put at least 15% of all work contracts into my ING savings maximiser and LEAVE it there.
  • Stop whinging. (optional)
  • Stop procrastinating with work stuff. Get it over and done with.   
Happiness is nothing more than good health and a bad memory.
-Albert Schweitzer

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Anonymous said...

Good Luck, and it's not even New years... Nothing like a Birthday to snap you into adult and organized land.....

Triple Jane said...

I'm on a real roll. I've even typed out a colour-coded (again thank KH) schedule for work tasks to inspire me to meet daily targets.

Off for a walk on the glorious coast in an hour. It's all good.

Triple Jane said...

not sure why but the comments are being a bit strange tonight

Kelly said...

GO THE LIST!!! Its a good list though I think you should add on one more item.. spend less time making lists :) List-making is a serious addiction affecting one out of every 3.6 women..