Friday, September 14, 2012

Spring has sprung

Spring is finally here. It's that time of the year when we can now enjoy a wine in our alfresco area. The one that has the built-in shade of the creeper that HM prunes religiously. I call him The Constant Gardener. He has a great sense of humus. Sorry. REALLY sorry.

And in the same way that winter makes  me feel like hibernating in my girl cave with a case of cab sav under ten doonas for three months, spring makes me want to empty out cupboards and drawers and PURGE. I get a major buzz from giving bags of clothes to the Good Sammy bins. Yesterday I took four huge pink garbage bags full. Oh, what a feeling.

I have also thrown out anything that I haven't worn in five years. I have always kept them, thinking that I'll get skinny enough to fit back into it, but HM says "this is never going to happen, just move on and chuck it all out". This coming from a man with a SHED FULL OF CRAP... bags of his old clothes. From the SEVENTIES. His idea is to just move it all out of the house and into the shed; that way he is not seen as a hoarder. So I got my bag of clothes that don't fit and put it in the shed. That way if I SUDDENLY LOSE TEN KILOS I can go and retrieve it...

I often wonder what the neighbours think when they see me carting bags and bags of stuff into the car. OR down to the shed. It happens a lot. And I know they are always looking out of their window. We have weird neighbours but that's another post entirely.

Then it was off to the shops with Barnstormer on a birthday gift mission for HM. Stupidly gave Barnstormer a donut with pink icing to eat early on in the scene. This resulted in her mimicking all shop assistants when the sugar kicked in about 30 minutes later. She even mimicked the Politix shop guy's extremely camp accent. Quel horreur!

He said: "Isn't she adorable?" but I could tell he was really mortified when she said: "This is fabulous, would you believe it's cotton but got lots of give because of the 10% elastane!" complete with hand on hip.

Oh and this also happened yesterday:

[While watching Bold and the Beautiful:]
Barnstormer: Why is she crying?
Me: Because Liam doesn't want to marry her anymore.
Barnstormer: Why?
Me: Because she did the wrong thing?
Barnstormer: What did she do?
Me: She went a little bit crazy and did some silly things. He doesn't love her anymore.
Barnstormer: But you're a little bit crazy a lot of the time and Daddy still loves you. 

And also this:
[Hammerhead arrived home from kindy with something he made in craft. It was basically a strawberry container with two corks stuck on it and a patty pan on top.]

Hammerhead: Look at this Mum, look what I made.
Me: Oh wow, what is it? It looks like a robot. Is it a robot? Or is it a monster?
Hammerhead: What? Mum, you're crazy. It's not a robot or a monster, it's a strawberry container and I glued two corks on it and this cake thing.
Me: Of course.

Now to work out what to make for HM's birthday cake...

How is your spring going? Do you have a spring in your step?


Anonymous said...

Hooray for seems so much more manageable now!

Thanks for those vignettes at the end. The robot/strawberry container exchange made me do that snort/wheeze laugh that is so very attractive! :)

Mummy in Disguise said...

Kids say (and do) the darnedest things! I too did a totally unattractive snort laugh at the strawberry container craft exchange! Made my day:) xoxo