Saturday, September 22, 2012

Away, Away

We are down south. The Surfer is participating in the Gracetown Grommets which commemorates the anniversary of the Gracetown Tragedy. His coach is not going to be there at this comp. This is probably because the coach's father was one of the nine people killed that day.

It's always very heartbreaking to roll up at Huzza's and read the memorial. You simply cannot go there without thinking about the cliff tragedy.

It's cold and rainy down in Margaret River at the moment. It's just like going back to winter. But it's lovely to put the pot belly on and drink a red wine or two.

And I feel great about being alive. I am even loving the rain.

It's been great to get away for a few days as well. It was a week of death and funeral and horrible stuff in Perth. HM's friend, (who was also The Surfer's cousin on his mother's side) passed away and all the old cronies came out of the woodwork to count how many of them had passed away. LOTS. Many of them by bad life choices. I think this is why HM makes the most of everyday.  Also think it's why he doesn't see some of those old cronies much. It must be hard to sit there and watch your friends waste their life.

So get out there and enjoy every day. I'm about to go and visit a couple of wineries I feel ... as soon as the boys get back from surfing ... ho hum. Might be going for a walk with Barnstormer instead.

Hope you're doing something good today.


Anonymous said...

Love your happy post full of love n life Janey!! Me too though I'm not allowed wine coffee or tea for several months yet!!! Herbal teas for me!! But the cleansing and detox I'm having to do to get my liver working properly is almost enjoyable!!! The weather is perfect in the south of France at the mo; not too hot not too cold and the nights are cool enough to snuggle under a duvet!!! Argh small pleasures!

It's a wonderful life!!!!
The pom

Anonymous said...

I mean happy from the point of view of living life! Sorry didn't mean to sound insensitive about Hm funeral and loss!!!!!!

You know what I mean darls!

Transient said...

you're a treasure..i think you & HM are great for the whole life and death chats and realisation at such times. you are both special people. just returned from a quick brisbane-perth trip ( 2 days , thats why i didnt tell you) and cooked a great meal and got excited about the fact that ConAir is on TV. So ready for bed, up early to kayak.... but bloody I loved Con Air thanks to you, my friend. will be back in Perth in holidays- will try to organise something soon- if not, will hopefully see you.
miss you

Triple Jane said...

I LOVE CON AIR! I was even thinking about it earlier as Rockwiz played the song "Sweet Home Alabama". Now I am watching a movie with Steve Buscemi in it. It's little coincidences like that that really make me happy! Can't wait to see you. Xxx

Triple Jane said...

I really hope you are on the mend dear friend. I can't believe how long it is going to take. Sending good vibes and white lights your way xxx