Monday, February 11, 2013

The change over

I am a little confused with the Google feedburner thingy and want to know if subscribers to are still receiving notifications now that I have a shiny new domain name. If just ONE of you millions of superfabulous subscribers could just leave me a note below to let me know that you got an email about this EXCITING new post, that would be fabulous.

Sorry for the lack of posts. I am trying to wade my way through the murky swamp that is the staggered start to the kindy and pre-primary school years. I wish they would just start with full days already and be done with it. Kids these days; totally wrapped in cotton wool. I forgot to pick little Barnstormer up on her VERY FIRST DAY (got the time wrong by 30 mins) and DID SHE CARE? Not one bit.

She is even cross about the fact that she is only having half days. "WHEN DOES IT END?" she asks.

I leave you with this gem from HM: "If you are feeling sad about the kids going to school, we could try and have another baby and go back to square one!"


Mummy in Disguise said...

I got it!!! Don't think I've mentioned it yet, but I love the name change and your reasons for it, congrats:)

Start back at square one hey? Were you drinking anything at the time to spit all over him when he said that? Enjoy the quiet I hope you get to have when she is on full days, I know I am! xoxo

Triple Jane said...

I feel like I have been living at the school the last couple of weeks.

I reminded HM that we did not want to look like Nanna and Pop when it came time to drop the "square one" child at school.