Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Buddha statues are the new black

Our garden
I don't know if I am just becoming more aware of my surroundings in my feast of the senses, or whether they have always been there but I have been noticing a plethora of Buddha statues around the streets. Just barely a hop, skip and a jump from our driveway are two MASSIVE Buddhas out the front of a house that slowly seems to be morphing into a Tibetan temple. I've also noticed a couple of others around the neighbourhood, and now hardly a day goes by when I don't yell out SPOTTO on  my happy trails after the morning school run.

The skip bin fully adding to the serenity ...

Anyway moving on.

It's Valentine's Day tomorrow and we are out at a concert in the evening. Aside from it being something HM has entirely instigated, it would appear that HM has chosen this time to instigate another first. This one involves The Surfer babysitting the little people for the first time. The Surfer is 15 now. He surfs BIG MASSIVE waves where SHARKS lurk. He has even surfed PIPELINE in Hawaii. He DRIVES the car when we go down south (only on the bush and private tracks with no other cars) but he has full control of the vehicle and we don't need to tell him how to drive. He lights the fire. He does all the heavy lifting around the house. He is a Man-Boy.

There is no real reason why he shouldn't be the best babysitter in the universe ... however, he is not at all happy when faced with being home alone. Not even during the day. And basically, this was the reaction we got from The Surfer:

He is especially not big on looking after Hammerhead and Barnstormer, who at the best of night times, aren't very cooperative at bedtime. So I have no idea how this is going to pan out.  HM is ADAMANT that he step up to the task. The Surfer has said in no uncertain terms he is not up for it EVER ... but HM has decided the time has come. In fact, he thinks the time came a couple of years ago.

But I just don't know ... it is also coinciding with the start of school and the tiredness that is going on with that from the littlies.

So while  I am ecstatic to be going on a rare night out with the beloved, I am sure I will the spend the night worrying about what is going on at home. Both kids have a full day of school the next day and The Surfer probably has a tonne of algebra homework that Hammerhead won't be able to help with. Barnstormer, at that time of night, can also be very non-compliant with authority of any description. Who am I kidding? She is just non-compliant fullstop.

We will see! I am hoping for a pleasant surprise.

Happy Valentine's day to all.


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Transient said...

Enjoy your night out. You might be pleasantly surprised and the change will probably do them all some good. Even if its a complete disaster they'll get over it so you may as well enjoy yourself. x